[Drama Review] Chicago Typewriter: “No one can steal my words away from me”

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The series depicts three resistance fighters who lived during the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea, and are reincarnated into the present as a best-selling writer in a slump, a fan, and a ghostwriter. It is an epic story of comradeship, friendship, love and betrayal that lasts 80 years.



Here I am, thinking that I will never watch a drama as beautiful and jaw-dropping such as Descendants of the Sun, Memories of the Alhambra or Are You Human, Too. But then this drama came into my life and proved me wrong. It was just too much feel that I can’t stop my hands from trembling while typing this review. There are just so many things to like and to love about this drama and that’s what I am going to discuss here in my post.

First, be noted that the following will be spoilers! If you haven’t watch the drama yet, you must look for it now and drown yourself with the feels. It will not be as exciting if you will only read them in my post. Be noted that you have been warned.

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The story starts with Han Se Ju (Yoo Ah In), a well-known and successful writer that many people love. He is known as the Stephen King of Korea. He is known not only in Korea but he also tours in different places such as Chicago — wherein he will encounter with a strange typewriter at a café where his book signing was held. One thing that made the drama more interesting is that you will be confused along with the characters of the story. The plot itself gave me the chills that you will look forward in every episodes of the drama.

But of course, everyone, successful or not, rich or poor, all of us have our own stories to tell. He has his reasons on why he’s writing and what his motivations are. I have a hard time liking him at first because of his attitude, but after knowing the reason, I kind of sympathize with him. I thought, it will be too boring if the lead will be too perfect and that goes with the other dramas as well.

I think Yoo Ah In did a great job portraying Han Se Ju. He looks so convincing as if he’s not acting, which I think was really hard to do. I’m tired of watching dramas wherein the characters act. And Yoo Ah In did not disappoint me. It’s like he’s just being himself. As an amateur writer, I found motivation in this drama especially with Se Ju’s life. And I am very thankful to my friend who suggested this drama to me. Hi, Mai!

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Then came Se Ju’s fan, Jeon Seol (Im Soo Jung). Like any other fan, she buys all of Se Ju’s recent books, fantasize whenever they see his posters and commercial, and even make fan fiction stories about them. And like any other fans, she also wishes to meet him in person and to talk with him. Which was granted to her by fate. Or by a ghost. No one knows.

I also love Hui Young and Su Hyeong’s love story from the past. It was tragic, but I can’t seem to take my mind off it. It was really a harsh timing for their love story to bloom. I can’t help but feel bad about them. Of course, it’s not all about their love story, it’s also about their friendship — together with Shin Yul (Go Kyung So). They are friendship goals! And like any other, I end up rooting for the second lead as well. He was just too lovely to ignore.

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Another amazing actor was the one who played the ghostwriter, Yoo Jin Oh (Go Kyung So). (Sorry I picked up that photo. It is just too adorable!) It really struck to me when it was revealed that he was a ghost from the past. I didn’t really saw that one coming. And it made my heart pound with excitement — making me want to continue the drama, at the same time, not wanting to finish the drama so soon. He was so cute and funny that I always end up smiling every time it was his part. He’s one of the reasons why I am smiling like an idiot and he’s also one of the reasons why I’m crying alone.

The three of them are new to me. I don’t know them from any other drama but I can tell that they are great actors. The emotions are so real that it brought me to tears. Some people may not love this drama as much as I do but it’s okay. Not all dramas are for everyone. We all have our own preferences and this drama is just one of those that will forever be engraved in my heart. Aside from the plot, the characters are also amazing. The actors and actress did a great job showing all the audience — if not all — the emotions needed to be shown.

I will give this drama a perfect rating of 5.

And oh, did I mention how hot Hui Young is? No? Oh, well.

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