What I’ve been up to

Most of you probably know what I do with life right now and some of you doesn’t. Of course. But I’m willing to tell what those are, starting from where I can remember since the last time I wrote here, until the present time.

I kind of stopped writing here around April, I am guessing. Those are the times where there are so many events and activities at our church that I don’t know what happened. There’s the sportsfest — of course we’re last place again — there’s also the Youth Camp — I failed to join ’cause of school stuff — and the official vacation of students who started the school year in August.

I was thinking that I am going to have a blast this vacation by reading all the books I want… but I was wrong. Sadly, one of my major subjects went down the drain. I was so devastated that I want to cry — this is my first time actually failing and I’m only a college freshman.

So there! I did not mourn about my grades until Summer was over, though. I did my best to take it before school year start with my classmates who failed as well — knowing that I’m not the only doesn’t really make me happy at all.

Currently, I’m doing the last Plate and Esquisse that need to be submitted on Wednesday — I’m having my doubts about my work now — and after that, I need to finish my enrolment because school year officially starts on August 12. But I am also doing other stuff aside from my Plates. I don’t want to spend my whole vacation in front of my drawing table.

We are actually joining a cheerdance competition next week on July 27 on Bulacan, Bulacan, together with the other Parokya. This is my first cheerdance competition that will be held on a wider audience so I’m kind of nervous about it. And on July 28 is our monthly gathering where we’re going to dance a joyful song and two interpretative dance. My schedule is really packed this week because of practice but Plates come first.

Nothing really spectacular happened in my vacation. Aside from watching Korean drama, Anime and reading books, I can’t tell any other things that I can be proud of.

I am also looking for recommendations that you’d like me to watch with my remaining vacation days. I will really appreciate it if you comment down below.

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