[Japanese Drama] Switched: “Being envious will do us no good.”

High schooler Ayumi’s perfect world evaporates when envious classmate Zenko somehow steals her body, her boyfriend and her life.

Cast: Daiki Shigeoka as Shunpei Kaga; Kaya Kiyohara as Ayumi Kohinata; Tomohiro Kamiyama as Mizumoto Koshiro; and Miu Tomita as Umine Zenko.


It’s been a while since I wrote and watch anything about Japanese Drama. The last time was, I think, a movie of Yamazaki Kento. And it’s been a while since I cried and laughed at a drama like this. Of course, I’m a little of a crybaby and I almost laugh at everything but not as hard as I did in this drama. This drama tells the audiences about school and how students can be envious of someone, not seeing their own worth.

This drama will surely bring tears on your eyes and think of the way you see yourself. And see how stupid can someone get if we don’t have open-minds.

*Spoilers ahead*

Ayumi Kohinata was born with everything; good looks, well-off status, a loving and caring parents, popular with her classmates and friends, and a boyfriend. This made Umine Zenko so jealous of her, wanting to have everything she has and wanting to become like her. That’s why when she discover how to be her, she did it without much hesitation.

The Red Moon was shining when Umine Zenko jumped on a building, letting Ayumi Kohinata see it with her own eyes. That way, Umine finally gets to have Ayumi’s body. With what happened, there are so many realization in the drama for all the four actors and actresses.

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For Ayumi, living inside Umine’s body is so hard. She realized how much her classmate suffered a lot, both from home and from school. Because of her ugly looks, she was bullied by her classmate by calling her names, as if being born ugly is a sin itself.

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For Kaga, Koshiro and their classmates, they realized how much Umine had suffered just by existing. They sympathize with her, especially Koshiro, who stayed by her side knowing that it’s not the Ayumi he knew. They understood her feelings and that’s the reason why they have decided to save Umine from getting hurt even more.

What I like about this story, aside from the plot, is that the characters did a job well done. They are all so convincing to the point that I got carried away with the drama of only six episodes. Normally, I would not be satisfied with a drama this long, but surprisingly, I can’t seem to take my head off the drama.

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I personally love Kaga Shunpei’s character. He is an easygoing guy and he doesn’t really care about what appearance Umine has, even before knowing that it was not Umine inside, but Ayumi instead, the girl he likes. I was smiling the whole drama where Kaga goofs around his friends and classmates. That’s whay I sympathize with Koshiro envying his friend.

Even though Koshiro has everything everyone thought, he’s still not contented. He still wants to become like Kaga, who has this talent to magnetize all of his classmates because of his personality.

But after finishing the drama, I realize something that I think most of us already know. Envying someone will not do us any good. Envying someone can trigger bad thoughts and that is not really healthy. It will only corrupt us and make us all unhappy. Even if you get to have what you wanted, we will not become happy forever because of it. We will just ask for more until there’s no left for us to ask for.

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That’s what I think Umine Zenko got to realize in the end. It’s not our appearance who attracts or get people to stay away from us — it is our personalities. No matter how good you look from the outside, if you’re ugly on the inside, there will be a big difference. But if you don’t mind about the physical appearance and focus more about your inside beauty, it will surely make a very huge difference. It will not only attract people to know you more, it may let others want to be close to you.

Rate: 5/5

5 thoughts on “[Japanese Drama] Switched: “Being envious will do us no good.”

  1. Nice review. I also watched this. I find it corny at first but eventually, I liked the last three episodes. And the other guys ismuch more handsome than the main guy. I like him the most.

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