[Drama Review] The K2: “Children of Wolves become Wolves themselves.”

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The K2 tells the story of a bodyguard (Ji Chang Wook) who is dedicated to his country but is betrayed by it. When seeking revenge, he becomes involved with a woman (Yoona) who is the secret daughter of a presidential candidate. … It has a wonderful premise that promises action, love, and revenge.


Another drama from one of my favorite korean actors, Ji Chang Wook. He really doesn’t fail to amuse me and in this drama is a new discovery for me — even though it’s a drama from 2016. It’s just that I always ignore this whenever I scroll, looking for another drama to watch.

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After watching Suspicious Partner, I realized that Ji Chang Wook is not really for Rom-com dramas. I don’t know what for sure… until now. This actor can really pull action dramas for sure and he’s really so cool.

Not that he must only do action for his entire career but I think he does things better through action dramas. He’s way cut for it, in my opinion, and it won’t change starting from now on. I have only watched his three dramas, Smile Donghae (which is way back when I was younger), Healer (which I liked so much) and Suspicious Partner (which is a so-so drama of his).

In this drama, I came to realize that he can really pull off any kind of guys in different dramas. He can be so cool and so cute at the same time. And in The K2, he showed me a cool side and a sweet side of his, and more of his badass side.

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Going on with the story, Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) became a bodyguard at JSS under Choi Yoo Jin’s (Song Yoon-Ah) command. He was on the run before then, accused and framed of murdering his fiance, Raniya, after interpreting an important and dangerous conversation.

After being betrayed by the country he was serving, he had a hard time trusting anyone from then on. He was offered to be Choi Yoo Jin’s guard after being entangled to her. At first, he refused, but after knowing that she’s also after Park Kwang Soo(Kim Kap Soo), he decided to join her in capturing him, but not really trusting her.

He was assigned to guard An-na Go(Im Yoon Ah), Park Se Joon(Jo Sung-Ha’s daughter and Choi Yoo Jin’s stepdaughter. An-na’s identity must not be revealed to the public due to Park Se Joon’s reputation. He needs to clear his name, at least before the election.

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An-na can be a pain in the head at times, trying to get away from her guards whenever she feels like it. But after meeting Je Ha, she stopped running away, but instead, tried to fight back to Yoo Jin in a less child-like behavior. She decided to threaten Yoo Jin by being Se Joon’s daughter.

An-na believed that Yoo Jin killed her real mother, the former korean star, Um Hye Rin(Son Tae Young). And she wanted to do anything to reveal what really happened to her mom that night when the incident happened.

Honestly, I didn’t really like her role here. I was like, ah, another weak character for a protagonist. I know that it’d be too boring to have a really strong character that could solve everything with a snap of a finger but it would not really hurt to make her a little stronger, right? But K2 (Je Ha) was strong enough for the two of them, which is too strong, by the way.

I really like the drama, a lot, tell you. Not until the last episodes. I was just a little disappointed at the drama when the drama was about to end. Kim Je Ha, known as K2 in his work, was too damn strong at the ending. He’s badly injured, almost died of a gunshot but saved by the HQ’s doctor. But still, he could still fight men, trying to find Park Kwang Soo, and maybe kill him, too. And comes back at the HQ, mind you, he drove himself in there with his wound now open. And still, managed to fight the men who were trying to get Anna away.

Not only in that, he still managed to get to Cloud Nine, which is a secret base by Yoo Jin, and still could walk and save the hell out of them from the bomb that was about to set off. It’s so unrealistic, then. No men could do what K2 did. I’m sure of it. I know that he’s in military and all, but be realistic, he just got out of the hospital, fresh from a surgery. Only Superman could do that.

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But that aside, I like the characters a lot especially the antagonist, Choi Yoo Jin. I thought that she was going to end up with K2, with the chemistry and all, but well, it’s not my story to tell.

This may not be the first time I liked a bad guy from a story but she was the best of them all. Choi Yoo Jin was one hell of an antagonist. Song Yoon Ah did a great, no, an excellent job playing the role of Choi Yoo Jin until the end.

She was once a good girl, just like An-na, but because of people around her, she ended up that way. Wicked, but not totally heartless, of course not. That’s why I loved her. She’s one of the bad guys who were bad because they really didn’t want to be. They just wanted to fight to save themselves. And Yoo Jin was one of them.

She could really do everything for what she wanted, even lie to everyone around her. She could do anything… because she loved. Because of love she did some unthinkable things but not really so bad like killing someone. And I cried for her in the ending, together with Park Se Joon. I think, no matter how bad someone is, no one deserve to die.

Betrayal… too many things happened with the story that I couldn’t really think that those things just happened. There were so many bad guys that were really good guys and good guys that were really bad guys in the end. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I believed in Choi Yoo Jin, though, until the end, and it didn’t disappoint me.

If you want a really great time and you love action dramas like I do, this is definitely the drama for you. You’ll love it for sure.

Rate: 5/5

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