It’s finally Christmas vacation! A recap on my 2019

This year’s one hell of a ride. I can say it’s the hardest year I experienced so far. I don’t know if I just became weaker or it’s just that the events that happened in my life became worse. But either way, I still survived the trials that came. The year’s not yet ending but I don’t know when I’ll be having a time to write this so I’ll start now.

I danced to my heart’s desire.

I may not be as active as the previous years in dancing but I am still glad I made it three times this year. The first photo was when we performed at ‘Gabi ng Pagtatanghal’ where we danced hiphop. The one below that photo was at Bulakan, Bulacan when we did a cheer dance. The next photo was a street dance as well where we performed at our own barangay (the yellow saya). And ‘Dulansangan’ and a street dance where our whole barangay competed against other barangays.

We may only placed third on our cheerdance competition and none in the Dulansangan, I am still glad that I met new and amazing people. People that I don’t know exist even though we’re only on one barangay. They are so fun to be with. I am planning to join again next year, if it’ll happen again. HAHA!

The monthly gathering that I did my best to attend to.

A sad news came to me when I saw my schedule. I will be having Sunday classes regularly. I still don’t know why we had that but it’s all done now so who cares. I thought it was sad because my class happens to be 1 pm to 6pm. And guess what? The monthly gatherings are always 1pm. How’s that sound? Isn’t it sad?

Here’s a photo of two gatherings this year.

But you know what’s funny? That every month, every gathering, our classes are always suspended. HAHA! Funny. I still did my job on guiding the Dance and Drama as a leader but I failed to perform with them. But what’s good is that I still managed to attend to listen to the words of God.

We celebrated what is needed to be celebrated.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I normally post photos with my family. That’s because we love celebrating! From birthdays, wedding anniversary and when we just feel like it. HAHA! I always am looking forward to such events not because I love eating but I’ve got to talk to my parents about so many things. Like my studies. And what I love the most about it is that we become closer to each other.

I had my first taste of alcohol.

Yeah, at the age of 20, this is my first time tasting it and I’ve got to ask how the hell would anyone like the taste of eat! HAHAHA! Maybe it’s my first time but I really don’t like the taste. Yes, it do smells nice but when I tasted it… ekk!

And yeah, I am with my parents when I first tasted it. HAHAHA LOL!

Had a good time with my high school friends.

It’s been years since I last saw these awesome pipz. I only talk to them on Facebook eversince but the kulitan is still there. I really had a good time with them. Good thing they did not bring their boyfriends and girlfriend with them. OMG! I am the only single one on our group. HAHAHA! But well, I’m still happy so who cares?

I joined a mural painting for the first time.

This year, there’s so many events in our barangay. Thanks to our very diligent and smart SK chairman. And one of these events is Mural Painting. I think I posted about this here already. Overall, I received second place thanks to my friends who helped me. I owe this one to you all.

This year’s sportsfest.

Every year, our community holds an event like this for us. It is one of the events that we look forward to. Not just because it’s fun playing, but it’s because it’s fun playing with friends. And this year, we won the volleyball segment. Although we placed last overall. HAHAHA!

It doesn’t surprise me, really. All my teams at sportsfest for the last 5 years are all last place. Maybe I’m the bad luck in the team. HAHAHA LOL!

There are so many things that happened to me this year that I can’t post them all here but all in all, I had a fun time. I also experienced being depress to the point of harming myself but I overcome it all thanks to the people around me. Now that I think about it, it’s not always flowers and butterflies. There will be times where we’ll be down over small things but what’s important is going back up.

We tend to only see the physical appearance of people, through smile on faces of people on their facebook, but we don’t really know how they feel inside. I want to tell everyone, even though it may not relate or something in this post that everything we do, love it. Love every minute of our lives. Keep true friends beside you always. And always remember to have faith in God.

Good afternoon and have a great vacation ahead of you all!

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