Exciting battles on Boku no Hero Academia 2 (Midoriya Izuku vs. Shoto Todoroki)

I previously wrote about the battle between Uraraka Ochako and Katsuki Bakugou and it’s not as one-sided as I thought it would be. It’s rather interesting knowing that Bakugou has the upper hand in the first place. Uraraka Ochako still did her best and gave a good fight.

This time let’s talk about the fight between these two amazing characters in the story. This fight is one of my most favorite in this season.

Thoughts on the battle (Midoriya Izuku vs. Todoroki Shoto)

Next scene that I really like is that fight between Midoriya and Todoroki. At first, Todoroki didn’t really appeal to me much especially at the first season. But he stood here the most especially in this fight.

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I came to understand his character more. He’s someone who loves his mother dearly. He’s someone who has a lot of hate in him as well. I understand his hate towards his father a lot. If I am in his position, I will hate Endeavor as well with all that thing about arrange marriage just for a strong offspring. It must be really tough for Shoto.

This fight is just so exciting. I praise Midoriya here even though he ended up losing. He managed to fight against Shoto knowing that it will destroy his body. Compared to the previous season, he is starting to grasp One for All’s power here. It’s a good development on his part.

At first, I don’t really understand why he would risk himself just to help Shoto. He didn’t really know him yet that time. There are a lot of heroes present that can scout him if he give his best in here but in the end, he didn’t have any recommendations.

But gradually I came to understand what he wanted to show Shoto. I also came to know that being a hero requires that kind of behavior as well. And that just add to the list of why All might chose the right successor of One for All.

Can I just say how powerful Shoto is! It’s inhumane. Their fight reminds me of how All Might fought Nomu. The stage ended up in rubble. To think that he’s still a student. Same goes with Midoriya. To think that he just received his quirk, he can still fight against Shoto almost equally.

This fight is just insane!

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